Agencies vs. Freelancers: Where Do Companies Outsource Quality Content?

by CCB Today | Thursday, Sep 3, 2015 | 210 views

Companies OutsourceContent marketing is gradually emerging, although many companies can’t keep up with the trend due to limited budget and staff. As managers lack sufficient money and manpower, they tend to disregard and often overlook the importance of producing quality content for their marketing campaign.

Quality content, however, is something you can’t just ignore. The staff from PayPerContent agree that, “In the competitive world of marketing, great content is what makes you stand out. Great content, be it for your website or for circulation, gives readers an idea of how competent and professional you are.”

Two Ways to Outsource Quality Content

If you have limited budget and staff, the most probable solution is to outsource your articles. But, where? Freelance writers will always be available, although you shouldn’t treat content as mere part-time anymore. To make sure you get quality, there is no other entity to work with but agencies.

You need dedicated writers who can consistently meet your content demands and needs. As compared to freelancers, agencies treat the job as their own – unfailingly delivering quality content on time.

Why Freelancers can Save More Money

Freelancers have their upside, too. Their by-the-hour or word count rates are typically low-cost, which is often negotiable. This is one way to make the most of freelance services. Agencies, on the other hand, may seek payments for services aside from writing that you barely need, such as analytics and planning.

Long and Short-term Needs for Content

If you need rush content within the day or week, you can hire freelancers in just a few exchanges of emails. Part-timers are also ideal if you only need content for a short period. The negotiation process with agencies, meanwhile, may take longer, but you can be assured that they provide you quality content for long term, if necessary.

The bottom line is that outsourcing content suits your marketing needs if you have limited budget and staff. But, if you only lack the personnel, it’s wiser to acquire content from both freelancers and agencies.

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