3 Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads

by CCB Today | Saturday, Apr 7, 2018 | 150 views

Real estate agent showing house to a coupleReal estate agents are ideally master sellers. If you have decided to pursue this profession, you must have the utmost confidence in your ability to sell a 3D movie ticket to a blind man. But if you have yet to reach that level of expertise, there is no need to fret.

There are tried and tested methods you can use to pave the way towards your goals, such as these three.

Social Media Marketing

Suppose you are selling a Lancaster property, just following the tag Lancaster reviews on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter could lead you to potential buyers. This is just one scenario in which you can mine social media for the benefit of your career.

Another way is maintaining a social media presence, which is both straightforward and informative.

Real Estate Collaterals

Physical marketing collateral go back to simpler times when the internet was purely speculative. This does not mean that this method is obsolete. In fact, the opposite is true.

From direct mails to door hangers, these collateral remain as some of the most favored marketing strategies by top-caliber agents, like Joshua Smith of the United States who closed 463 listing in a year, thanks to door hangers.

Cold Calling

The Yellow Pages are your best friend, especially if you are planning to cold call. All you need to make this endeavor effective is a good script. Here there are only three rules: courtesy, rapport building, and lastly, knowing just when to dangle the bait.

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In the end, a real estate agent’s career boils down to one’s ability to know just where to look for potential clients, just what to say to these potential clients, and, in case of closed deals, just what to do to make these clients vouch for your name to other potential clients or come back for repeat business themselves.

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