3 Smart Ways to Raise Your Home Deposit and Keep Mortgage Rates Low

by CCB Today | Friday, Oct 14, 2016 | 404 views

Dream Home in UtahWhile mortgages make an excellent way to finance your dream home, you should never rush through the application process. Without adequate knowledge and preparation, you are likely to sink into some of the pitfalls that abound the process.

Many people are so happy to be eligible for a mortgage that they fail to consider many other important factors and it leaves a gaping hole in their finances. American Loans notes that laying out a sizeable down payment keeps the mortgage rates low and affordable when buying a home in Utah. Rustling up a sizeable deposit, preferably 20 percent of the house value, calls for some creative thinking and planning.

Cut back on some luxury items

Fancy dinners, expensive vacations, and luxury gadgets are some of the expenses you can cut back when looking to raise your house deposit. While the saving might seem meager, compared to the total amount, every dollar counts towards achieving your dream. With a bit of consistency and diligence, your savings will build up, and the mortgage lenders will be happy to offer you affordable interest rates.

Pick up an extra shift or part time job

If cutting back is not in your vocabulary, find ways to earn extra income and boost your savings. Whether you pick an extra shift at work or take up a part-time position at a local company, remember to be objective with the extra money. If your current schedule makes commute impossible, you can turn to the internet and work remotely from home. Many people are increasingly looking for online tutors, and you could earn a good chunk of money that way.

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Hold a garage sale

You would be surprised at how much some of the stuff you have lying around the home unused can be worth to someone else. Make a surgical cleanup of the home and sell all the stuff that you no longer use and keep the proceeds toward your home deposit.

Raising a sizeable home deposit is one way of keeping your mortgage rates low and affordable. With a bit of creative thinking, you can increase your savings and make your home-owning dreams a reality.

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