Why an Ugly Website Design is Bad for Business

by CCB Today | Thursday, Nov 17, 2016 | 275 views

Web Design in UtahThere are more ugly websites than there are beautiful ones. It’s just a fact of cyber living. Not all people who get to build a website have the creativity or the technical know-how to make their website look pleasing. And quite honestly, not everyone who has a website cares about aesthetics or even have any idea that they’re supposed to.

Poorly designed websites have a lot going against them, such as the following.

They Can Shoo Away Users Without Effort

Most people are visual. A huge percentage of the traffic that stays on a website is people who like the design or are at least not turned away by it. As a website is a visual medium, you can expect that anyone who finds a website either via search, from a recommendation, or by accident is more likely to leave if the design is not much to look at.

They Can Confuse People

Users want not only beauty but functionality. Even a pretty website is useless if it doesn’t work, literally. A user might stay on even if the website is boring or ugly if it is at least delivering what the user wants. But if it’s both ugly and hard to navigate, expect your bounce rates to hit the roof.

They Show Age

Some unsightly sites are the product of a generation of designers when the tools were limited and creativity took a backseat to serving a purpose. And they have not been redesigned since. Some websites that used to be considered good-looking are now just old. Call a company specializing in website design in Utah to update that site immediately.

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Another reason you should update your design or get it right the first time is that its bad or outdated look might become a factor for losing rankings. Your website design reflects several things, such as how much you care about your visitors, how much authority you have in your field, and others that might be the reason your customers are with you. Make sure your website design always stays beautiful and highly functional.

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