What You Need to Know About Car Recycling

by CCB Today | Thursday, Aug 24, 2017 | 266 views

Cars set to be recycledStatistics show that 80% of cars being used today are recyclable in the future. Current cars are excellent sources of recyclable materials. Many countries are considering car recycling as another green solution to the waste problem.

The breadth and depth of car recycling

More than twenty-five million tons of recycled materials, mainly from vehicle scrap, are produced annually. The experts at LKM explain that automobiles are the most recycled of all the world’s consumer products. Many consider the industry of car recycling as the largest in the US alone. Its yearly contribution to the national gross domestic product is approximately twenty-five billion dollars. The car recycling industry employs more than a hundred thousand people.

The growth of recycling facilities

All over the world, recycling facilities are now becoming popular. There are seven thousand recycling facilities in America alone. New vehicles, a minimum of 13 million, are produced each year thanks to the steel produced by the US and Canada. The steel comes from both countries’ automotive recycling industry. In Europe alone, recycled vehicles amount to almost eight million.

The benefits of recycling

The country saves more than 80 million barrels of oil every year because of the car recycling industry. No new car parts are made – a manufacturing process which consumes tons of oil. The industry also supplies ferrous metal for the industry of scrap processing. Hazardous fluids are also safely reclaimed by car recyclers annually. People also reuse recycled car tires as sandals and roadways. Accident rates also decrease due to the industry’s practice of purchasing out-of-order cars and keeping the road safe from old and damaged vehicles.

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Never underestimate the power of recycling vehicle scrap. Car scrap does not become useless when it becomes trash. As long as they go through the recycling process, they can be used to benefit the country, its citizens, and the environment.

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