The Role of PPE in Road and Building Construction Sites

by CCB Today | Wednesday, Oct 3, 2018 | 177 views

Architects Wearing Protective GearIn any road or building construction site, it’s the responsibility of the contract client, main and sub-contractors and architect to protect employees from any potential accidents at the workplace. Safety measures and engineering controls help ensure the protection of workers from the risks and hazards in these sites. And in cases of accidents, it’s the personal protective equipment the workers wear that keeps them safe.

How exactly, though, do these PPE assure workers’ safety at construction sites? Maxisafe explains the following:

Head Protection

Industrial hats protect workers from head injuries that could arise from falling objects. Gears should fit the head properly and have accessories to adjust the fit. The hats should be free of any cracks or dents to assure safety.

Hearing Protection

In workplaces where it’s hard to reduce noise levels to the required levels, workers must wear hearing protection gears, such as earplugs and earmuffs. These devices protect them from loud noises that could affect their hearing capability.

Hand Protection

The hands are the most involved parts in any site, and workers should wear gloves for their protection. The gloves, however, should be tough to suit the respective application and have a perfect fit. Some gloves are ideal for welding purposes while others are best for electrical work.

Foot Protection

Foot protection equipment keeps workers safe from tools that might fall and hurt their feet. These gears should be slip-resistant, non-conductors and have tough soles for protection against any misplaced sharp object on the floor.

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Personal protective equipment is essential for site safety of your workers. All PPE should fit properly and be comfortable enough to avoid interfering with the worker’s ability to undertake the given tasks. It’s the responsibility of site safety managers to ensure that all workers have the necessary equipment.

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