Stadium Seating Choice can Make or Break Viewers’ Experience

by CCB Today | Monday, May 29, 2017 | 295 views

Fans in a stadium

Americans do love entertainment, from outdoor sports to concerts to many other different events. And the fact that there are more than 900 stadiums (917, to be more specific) in the United States alone show just how true this statement is.

With these venues constantly receiving thousands, even hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, it makes sense that the management do what they can to address the needs of their guests. And one of the most critical components of these structures is their seating system.

A stadium seating chair does not just have to come in the right size and style; they also have to deliver comfort to every spectator.

Seating Designed to Improve Space Functionality

In the past, it was enough to install seats that can accommodate as many people as possible in a stadium. However, as the standard of functionality evolved, venue owners and managers had to consider how the seats could affect operations.

Nowadays, just packing in as many seats as possible into an area is no longer enough; their design and installation should also boost the overall functionality of the place. In other words, they have to contribute to the smooth entry and exit of site visitors.

Comfort and Ergonomics

When choosing stadium seating, one should not forget to factor in the length of time people stay seated. This plays an integral part in the selection of comfortable and ergonomic chairs.

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For instance, an average Major League Baseball game lasts for about two hours. While this may comprise just a tiny portion of a person’s day, it still has a major impact on their overall experience.

Seats that are too hard or too-cramped seating arrangements can reduce comfort, which then negatively affects the viewing experience.

Other Critical Considerations

The appearance and style of stadium seating should also meet venue standards. And do not forget safety and security. Owners and managers should never compromise the safety of their guest in the hopes of accommodating more visitors.

The number of seats they should have installed should never exceed what the venue can provide.

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