Prevent Major 4WD Breakdowns through Prompt Oil Changes

by CCB Today | Tuesday, Aug 8, 2017 | 238 views

Image of an auto mechanic smiling in his garageComprised of numerous components, 4-wheel-drives allow for off-road driving without the driver worrying about slippery conditions. However, seeing as they boast of greater power and functionality, it only follows that 4WD owners need to put in more time and effort in ensuring the optimal functioning of their vehicles.

One of the most important preventive care and maintenance strategies to keep your ride at its peak condition is routine oil and fuel filter change.

Understanding the functions of vehicle oil

To realise the importance of oil changes, it pays to have a basic knowledge and understanding of why motor vehicles need oil in the first place.

Vehicles, in general, have numerous simultaneously moving parts. Whenever operated, these parts constantly rub against one another, resulting in the generation of friction. The greater the level of friction produced, the higher the level of heat created. Thus, it only makes sense that something lubricates these components while also absorbing or minimising heat, or the entire system will overheat and break down. These are amongst the primary roles of oil in automobiles.

The why behind these changes

Engine oil wears over time, which means that it becomes less effective and efficient in lubricating a vehicle’s components. It also loses its heat-absorbing properties. When you let your 4WD go on with old oil, you can expect it to overheat soon, causing not just a potential breakdown in the middle of nowhere, but also affect the overall health of your ride.

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Timing oil and filter changes properly

When you should change the engine oil and filter depends on your 4WD usage, as well as the age of its engine and the kind of oil you use. However, it pays to follow the rule of thumb of changing oils after 3,000 miles. It’s important you don’t delay necessary changes, as this will prevent the disastrous consequences of running on extremely dirty or worn out oil.

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