Make Spring Cleaning Safe with These Tips

by CCB Today | Friday, Sep 15, 2017 | 296 views

Woman geared up to do a general house cleaningYou can reduce (not eliminate) the need to spring clean your home if you spot-clean often. Have a portable vacuum (like the one in your car trunk) for picking up crumbs, some safe (maybe homemade) all-purpose cleaner, and plenty of clean microfiber cloths or a good supply of paper towels. Avoid wearing your outdoor shoes indoors, and clean up spills immediately to prevent accidents and ugly stains.

No matter how much spot cleaning you do, however, humans naturally accumulate stuff, and aside from all the junk you’ll never use, but you leave lying around anyway, you’ll also have to deal with dust, critters, the occasional stain, and others. For this reason, you still have to do a little spring cleaning. To make your spring cleaning go faster and safer, read these recommendations.

Stretch First

Of course, cleaning itself is good exercise, but before you get cracking, do some stretching. You may also take a brisk walk around the lawn to get the heart pumping and the mind ready. Stretching and brisk walking may keep you safe from injuries when you start lifting objects and doing repetitive things like mopping.

Wear Lumbar Support

Whether you’re lifting furniture and appliances or stretching to wipe your windows, lumbar support can protect you from common lower back injuries. Overstretching or straining and getting hurt can put a stop to whatever you’re doing and even cause you to miss at least a few days of work or school.

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Ask for Help

You can mop or vacuum the entire home alone, but if you have to move things like furniture around, you need a helping hand. Don’t try to lift things that are too heavy or too bulky alone, even if you’re wearing back support. For objects you can safely carry on your own, lift with your legs (instead of bending forward) and keep the object’s heaviest side close to your body.

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to spring clean, why not just call professional cleaning services in Utah? This is an especially good idea if you’re not as young as you used to be, or if you’re spring cleaning your parents’ house as a favor. You can direct the action, but you can also just sit back and watch the pros do it.

Avoid Strong Chemicals

It’s understandable that you want to disinfect surfaces like the tub and the bathroom floor but beware of using strong chemicals that may be bad for you and the environment. You can make an effective cleaner by mixing water and distilled vinegar 50-50 and applying the solution with a spray bottle. If you’re that OC, go ahead and buy a packet of those wipes they use to disinfect surfaces in dental offices.

Spring cleaning may not be the most exciting time of the year, but you can make it less tedious by thinking of it as exercise. If it’s too much for you, though, just get some professionals to do it. Whatever you do, you should always be on the safe side.

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