Keeping Your Plaster Cast in Good Condition for a Speedy Recovery

by CCB Today | Friday, Sep 7, 2018 | 168 views

man with a broken legA broken bone in a plaster cast helps with your recovery, but it requires some lifestyle changes to accommodate the limited mobility. So, it is important to maintain the plaster cast in its correct condition. Here are some tips to do that.

Supporting the plastic caster

The plaster cast can be heavy, making it hard for a patient to hold the limb up throughout the day. Purchase a medical sling to support the plastered limb with minimum effort. Slings exist in different colours and designs so you can choose one that complements your style.

Keeping the plaster cast clean

It is vital that the patient ensures that their plaster cast remains clean throughout the rehabilitation period. Dirty casts may result in itchiness and lead to open wounds. Moreover, in case the bone fracture resulted in a wound, exposure to dirt may result in the infection of the wound. A good sling plays both a supportive and protective role. It should cover the plaster against possible exposure to dirt. Lastly, consider switching out your slings regularly to allow for cleaning.

Physical exercises while in a cast

Staying active despite the broken bone is crucial in facilitating the circulation of blood around the fractured limb. Do simple exercises to avoid large thrusts that may result in pain. It is essential to ensure that any joints covered by the plaster cast should not be moved, however. Simple exercises may still result in pain which may be suppressed using prescribed painkillers.

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Whether you have a fractured thigh bone or a broken finger or anything else in between, you need to keep the bone aligned. Your cast does this job for you, so be sure to take care of it.

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