Jarrah Timber: Things You Should Know About It

by CCB Today | Monday, Aug 31, 2015 | 241 views

Jarrah TimberThe are many types of hardwood species that make excellent flooring solutions. Jarrah is one example. A lot of flooring specialists prefer this wood because of its unique appeal and its exceptional durability as flooring solutions. Planet Timbers says here are some of the things you should know about jarrah:

It’s a Type of Eucalyptus

Jarrah is a species of eucalyptus, which usually grows to a height of 40-50 meters, with a trunk that measures 3 meters in diameter. Jarrah trees have long, straight trunks that don’t grow branches. The tree grows in gravely soil, but it can also thrive in sand or loam. This species can be found in the plains of Western Australia’s south-western region, ranges east of Perth down to Albany.

Its leaves are dark green in the top canopy and lighter in colour on the lower parts. The species name, ‘marginata’, comes from its unique leaf feature – a light coloured vein around the edge, highlighting its outline.

It Defines Western Australian Landscape

In Australia, jarrah is a popular hardwood that is commonly use in many structural and design applications. As flooring solutions, it is favoured for its interesting colour that range from deep reds to browns (heartwood) and from pale yellow to orange (sapwood). These hues reflect the unique look and feel of Western Australian landscape.

It Has Impressive Natural Properties

Companies specialising in Jarrah decking prefer to use this species because of its resistance to weather elements. It is also safe from rot, termites and even marine borers. These features make it a top option in outdoor applications such as in patios, poolside decks and many more.

It’s Not Just a Flooring Solution

Jarrah is a versatile wood. Other applications of jarrah include framing, lining, joinery, and fencing. Its unique colour and texture also make it a prized material in furniture, turnery and parquetry. With its exceptional durability and resistance to common wood damages, you can expect high quality wood products from jarrah.

These are the just some of the reasons jarrah is a popular hardwood option. Check out your local wood flooring specialist to learn more.

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