Injuries and Casualties in a Construction Site and How to Avoid Them

by CCB Today | Wednesday, Dec 6, 2017 | 243 views

Workers at a construction siteWhat could possibly go wrong in construction sites? There is this thing called the “fatal four”, which refers to the leading causes of death and accidents in a construction site.

The fatal four includes:

  • Fall
  • Electrocution
  • Being struck by an object
  • Being caught in between objects.

Among these four, falls are the most common accident to happen on a construction site. Depending on the height, the severity of pain that it could cause will vary. But the catch is that it could cause a range of problems, including internal hemorrhage, coma, and death. Onsite safety services should be readily available to address and avoid such problems.

  • Falls – These usually happen when the site planning is not thorough, the materials are not sturdy, or if the people are not careful and informed about safety measures.
  • Electrocution – This is also fatal because usually, the construction sites have an unfinished electrical wiring and huge machines and equipment that could injure a person through electrocution.
  • Being struck by an object – This refers to the falling objects that might hit a worker or any person inside the construction area.
  • Being caught in between objects – This is usually due to workers’ unfamiliarity with the machines that they work with.

How to avoid the fatal four

Avoid the fatal four and other accidents by being knowledgeable about the site, project, machines, and other important matters. Gaining sufficient knowledge is the first step; execution is next. A person’s knowledge is useless if one won’t act according to the rules. Wear safety gear and personal protective equipment to reduce the risks of injuries if the workers get into an accident. There must be harnesses and safety nets to avoid falls.

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Onsite safety services could provide reliable training, techniques, and tips that could help the workers and employers in a construction site. Providers of these services will also check the construction site for any other factors that could affect the work and safety of all people involved.

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