Improve Construction Site Safety by Applying These Best Practices

by CCB Today | Wednesday, Oct 24, 2018 | 188 views

A Construction SiteIn many workplaces, accidents are an inconvenience for the employee. At construction sites, however, accidents can end a life.

Just recently, a male worker died after a large piece of hanging timber struck him on the back and shoulders. Construction companies, therefore, must do their best to safeguard their workers to help prevent unwanted incidents at the job site.

They can implement the following best practices to improve the overall safety of a job site.

Establish Safety Expectations

The Safety and Health Regulations for Construction of OSHA serves as a baseline for safety requirements. The company’s safety management should reinforce, and even go beyond, these regulations by making safety a priority before work starts. Managers who establish clear safety expectations from the beginning can set the tone to make sure that workers understand their personal responsibility for safety.

Additionally, safety managers must walk the talk when it comes to the safety and health of the workplace. The example they set, along with the way they speak with workers regarding safety, has a significant impact on the ability to minimize illness and injury, safety culture, and the company’s safety and health program. Also, continuously leading by example helps build trust, as employees can see how management values their well-being.

Spread Awareness on Safety

Before workers can set foot on a construction site, they must be fully aware of the possible hazards of the workplace. NorthWest Engineering Service, Inc., for instance, communicates safety news and tips to its employees on a weekly basis to spread safety awareness. Making workers aware of the perils of the job site and maintaining a perpetual state of alertness can go a long way in preventing accidents.

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Provide the Right Safety Equipment

Employees wearing the wrong gear are bound to make fatal errors. Construction firms should make sure that each piece of equipment s suitable to the task at hand.

Use Tech Devices

Construction firms can use technology to address safety challenges. Tech tools can be worth the investment to help bridge constraints in distance and time, as well as improve safety and efficiency in the long term.

Companies can start with wearable devices. A 2017 report by Dodge Data & Analytics revealed that 82 percent of employees who utilize wearable technology see instant improvements in site safety. Gadgets, such as smart glasses and watches, provide managers with better visibility of the workers and the work site. On top of that, these devices can help improve response time when injuries happen, such as the ability to detect when an employee falls, trips, or slips.

Promote a Nonthreatening Working Environment

Encourage workers to speak up when they notice something wrong in the job site. Doing so can help avoid fatalities and injuries. Construction firms can raise the likelihood of employee participation by making workers feel comfortable to bring up safety concerns without fear of bullying or retaliation.

These best practices can help improve safety in a construction site. Thoughtfully implementing these strategies helps reduce the likelihood of injury and minimize downtime.

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