Important Safety Features in a Mini Bus

by CCB Today | Wednesday, Sep 6, 2017 | 244 views

Couple with their minibus at the backgroundThe world of mini buses for hire in Sydney, Australia focuses on questions about the size of the vehicles, the types of vehicles and so on, but rarely does the conversation revolve around safety. Safety is as important as the appearance of the minibus. To enhance their experience, Concord Coaches says that people looking for a mini bus for hire in Sydney should also look at the following features in a minibus.

Structural Integrity

The best mini buses are designed to withstand and divert the force from the occupants. The mini bus should have adequate crumple zones. Look at the front, back and probably even sides of the vehicle. Equally important is the frame design, which determines how well the bus can withstand external force.

Safety Assist Technologies

The number of bus crashes has reduced significantly in recent times, thanks to the development of safety assist technologies. These include fatigue monitoring systems (FMS), autonomous emergency braking (AEB) and lane departure warning (LDW). Make sure the bus has these technologies.


Seat belts play the crucial role of preventing or managing forces developed during a car crash. In Sydney, some mini buses do come without seat belts. Nevertheless, the type of seat belt matters a lot. The best mini bus companies will install the most reliable seat belts featuring pre-tensioner technology.

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Most mini buses in Sydney offer the highest level of safety possible, but it’s always good to be sure you are getting the best one for your needs. As you search for a minibus for hire, insist on safety, as you would for performance. Technology has contributed a lot in this area, so ask the company for these and other features.

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