How Thieves in Pennsylvania Enter Your Home

by CCB Today | Sunday, Oct 1, 2017 | 272 views

BurglarSome tips to prevent burglaries can be as simple as making sure to lock doors and cover windows, yet thieves are also searching for clues if your home is an easy target by surveying it.

In Pennsylvania, the state police advice homeowners not to flaunt valuable items. In case you recently bought large items, dispose empty boxes from plain view. This would make it harder for burglars to see what they could rob and would likely move on.

Unsolicited Invitation

The Pennsylvania State Police also said that 60% of burglaries happen during the day, contrary to popular belief that burglars prefer to strike at night. If you plan to go on a long vacation, never leave your keys under a plant on the front porch. This is a common trick, yet burglars are aware of this as well.

When you plan to spend time away from home, be discreet about telling other people. You answering machine should not also indicate when you plan to leave or return home. Before going on a trip, it is better to review the surroundings of your place. A tree beside a second-floor window can be a good spot for someone to break into your house. If you can easily climb it, then a stranger could do the same.

Entry Points

External garage doors should always be closed, since burglars know that most allow entry into the house. Thieves like to enter without attracting attention as much as possible, which is why back doors should remain locked as well.

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For this reason, check your back doors for any defects and consider garage door repair services from O’Brien Garage Doors. In West Chester, PA, and other cities, the number of burglaries occurs the least in February before peaking in July, according to the state police.

These tips may not deter all burglars, although they will think twice before targeting your house.

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