Common Nail Polish Blunders You Need To Avoid When Painting Your Nails

by CCB Today | Thursday, Jan 28, 2016 | 239 views

Nail PolishThere are instances when women had ill-fated experiences of ruining their manicure without a clue how to mend it. You do not need to be an expert manicurist, however, to do a fine job in painting and repainting your nails. All you need is to keep an eye out for common nail polish blunders. To avoid wasting nail polish, here’s a short breakdown of what you need to avoid and pay particular attention to:

Painting Dirty Nails

Gloss & Co. and manicurists recommend cleaning the nail area before painting. Any moisture, dust or leftover polish can keep the fresh nail polish from adhering. For longer lasting nail polish, use an old tooth brush and soak it in a water solution with soap, brush it on the nail surface and then rinse and let it dry before applying polish.

You can otherwise swipe your nails clean using a cotton ball saturated in nail polish cleaner. Greasiness from lotion prevents nail polish from sticking, and using a polish eliminator can help eliminate residue quicker. If this is causing your hands to dry, however, consider a non-acetone remover.

Incorrect Painting Technique

Use your polish in three even, narrow strokes. The first one down the center and the rest on each side, then leave it for two minutes before applying the second coat. And do not goop on it; the heavier the polish layer, the more likely it is to peel off.

Not Using a Top-coat

As soon as your manicure is on, close it with a slow setting top-coat. The quick-dry types can be tempting to apply, but what you get in a hurry can make you lose the quality of your nail polish. A slower acting top-coat leaves a more firm and protective finish.

Forgoing Maintenance

This is no brainer, but if you are planning to scrub pans and pots with nail polish on, you need to wear rubber gloves. It’s the same for any chore that might chip your nail polish. Use a layer of quick dry top-coat to strengthen your nails and improve its shine. To keep your nails moisturized, apply oil to cuticles and nails or use a hand cream every day.

Next time you intend to buy and apply nail polish by yourself, avoid these simple mistakes if you want healthy and attractive nails.

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