Choosing Guest Who’ll Come Over to Your Bash

by CCB Today | Thursday, Apr 20, 2017 | 216 views

A Birthday Party

Perhaps, one of the biggest dilemmas you will encounter when organizing a party is thinking of the people who will come over. It’s difficult because you can’t invite everyone, especially if you have limited resources. It even gets more difficult because you don’t want to hurt feelings.

At this point, you need to be objective. Otherwise, your party will end up being messy, and it will be memorable for the wrong reasons.  You don’t want that to happen, so take the following pieces of advice from a reliable event planner from California like ULTIMATE EVENTS, INC.

Your Budget

Of course, you just can’t invite more people than your budget can allow. If you force it, you’ll just end up dealing with problems later on. Have a ballpark figure of how each guest can cost by dividing your budget by the number of guests you want to invite. If your estimate for each guest covers everything from food to cocktails, then it’s safe to invite the people on your list.

Your List of “Fixed” Guests

When creating a list of guests, you need to have a section where you place your non-negotiable guests. These people are your family, best friends, and those that have made an impact on your life. Once you have filled in this gap, you can find out how many slots are left for others.

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Consider the Plus-Ones

When finalizing your list, you have to consider the plus-ones that these guests may bring with them. If you want, you can put in your invite that you’re strictly allowing a specific number of plus-ones.

At the end of the day, it will always be your call. Don’t be afraid to use your discretion. And when sending invites, deploy them two weeks before the event so that they can mark their calendars and confirm their attendance.


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