4 Tips to Make Your Residential Project Safe from Fires

by CCB Today | Wednesday, Apr 25, 2018 | 174 views

construction workerFor construction firms, a significant portion of the projects that they handle is residential buildings. One of the things that clients require of the building that they will be getting is fire safety. After all, millions of dollars in properties are lost to fires around the globe on a yearly basis. These are four tips that may help you in making sure that the residential building that you are building will be fire-proof:

Opt for concrete

Concrete is probably the most famous material used for buildings. One of the major advantages it has is the fact that it offers strong fire protection. Concrete is resistant to flames, especially when used for the floors. Apart from this, it is also a smarter investment move considering that concrete lasts longer than other materials. Plus, homes built with concrete are more likely to be sold later on. Search for a commercial concrete floor repair contractor in Kansas City.

Choose a location that is near hydrants

Should fires happen, you need to make sure that firefighters have easy access to fire hydrants. This is so that the fires can be solved faster. Pick a location that has ample supply of water through hydrants.

Erect a great ventilation system

Sometimes, one of the reasons why fires start is because of the lack of ventilation. If you want to help avoid fires, a working ventilation system must be present in your building.

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Build fire escape and exits

You can never completely eliminate the possibility of having a fire, so it is important for you to have fire escapes and exits in the building. This is for the safety of everyone living in it.

Fire safety is an important consideration for clients. When they have a building constructed, they will expect an output that is safe from tragedies like fires.

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