3 Ways Your Air Conditioner is Losing Power

by CCB Today | Monday, Sep 4, 2017 | 296 views

An Air ConditionerIs your air conditioner in Sydney shouting for help? Often, when the unit needs servicing, it is largely obvious. However, some signs are difficult to note. Most repair specialists know what and when and what to check. Here are three reasons identified by HVAC professionals that could cause your unit to lose power.

Reason 1: Blocked Air Filter

With a good air filter, an air conditioner should be free of any debris that passes through return grilles/vents. This means that if there is so much debris in the air or the owner takes too long to clean the air filter, blockage of this component is a possibility. If that happens, airflow is reduced making the ac to struggle. Conduct Air Conditioning and other air conditioning service professionals in Sydney advice to change the air filter every month to retain the performance of the unit.

Reason 2: Leaky Duct System

Once you discover your air conditioner is not cooling as it should, one of the easiest solutions is to address possible leakages in the duct system. There are many ways of establishing whether the system is leaking, including playing around with the modes of the thermostat. Sealing the holes should address this problem.

Reason3: Low Refrigerant

Have you noticed any foul odour coming from around the air conditioner lately? Sometimes, the system will be weak simply because there is not enough refrigerant. Remember that the refrigerant is the unit’s lifeblood. Without it, the air conditioner cannot shift air from inside the room to the outside environment.

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When the power of your unit is visibly reducing, there are always reasons for the problem. This article highlights three common ones. If your unit is in this type of state, you may want to contact an air conditioning specialist for help. Remember not to try any DIY fixes unless you are completely sure what you are doing.

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