Windscreen Glass: What are the different Categories?

car's windshield wet in rainIt is for this reason that windshield glasses come with a set of usage and safety features which differentiates them from regular glass. The safety feature of windshield glass is cannot be overlooked as it marginally reduces the impact and the degree of injury in case of an accident that breaks the glass.

While all windshield glasses are categorized as safety glasses, there are only two major variations available for purchase. That said, here are two types of glasses that should be considered for your windshield replacement in Mesa.

Laminated Windscreen Glass

This type is made from conjoining two pieces of glass with a clear plastic material known as polyvinyl butyral, under extremely high temperatures. The major advantage of using laminated glass for a windshield is the fact that if your car is involved in a collision, the glass does not shatter. That means you are completely protected from any injuries that might result from broken glass. Additionally, they help drivers who have not belted from being thrown out the car by acting as a firm barrier. Laminated glass is used in almost all automobiles due to this safety features. While it is mostly used for windshields, it can also be used on the back and side windows of your car.

Tempered Glass

This type is stronger and harder in comparison to the standard glass. It is manufactured through a series of constant rapid heating and cooling to give it a property which makes it break into tiny pebble-like pieces if it is broken. These pebbles are rather dull and not sharp hence causing minimal or no injury in case of an accident. While tempered glass can be used on the windshield, it is mostly used on the back and side windows of a vehicle.

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Whichever glass you go for, always ensure that it is well taken care of. Regularly inspect it for slight chips or hairline cracks. In case you notice anything, ensure that it is repaired immediately to avoid glass cracking or shattering when you are on the road.

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