Will Airconditioning Keep Your Produce Fresh while en Route?

by CCB Today | Tuesday, Aug 23, 2016 | 269 views

Fresh Produce in Smeaton GrangeIn an age where modern technology is advancing in every field, there are people who marry the idea of innovating while still going back to their roots, literally. Fresh produce, especially from family-owned crops, is increasing in demand—so much so that there are mobile applications that link growers and their clients for better access.

It is worth noting that some may neglect how they transport and deliver these goods. While the boot of your car may seem sufficient, it may not be the best idea when supplying easily perishable goods to several locations that are further away. Southern Cross Truck Rentals suggests that in Sydney, hiring an air-conditioned truck can keep your produce fresh even during long hauls.

Does the Cold Preserve the Freshness of Your Goods?

There is nothing quite like freshly picked produce, but this is not always possible. Not everyone lives next door to easy pickings and when the goods are meant for mass consumption, it’s going to have to travel.

It is common knowledge that refrigerating certain kinds of food products keeps them fresh longer. Keeping produce in controlled, cool environments prevents rotting in many crops, as bacteria tend to thrive in warmer temperatures.

Produce like root crops, for example, have proteins and sugars that act as preservatives that only work when exposed to the cold. Specifically regulated temperatures for fresh produce while in transit, therefore, can help crops retain freshness.

Time and Distance are of the Essence

Trucks, B-doubles and road trains can carry a huge amount of produce instead of smaller vehicles. This makes them more efficient for transporting produce from growers to retailers, as there would be no need for return trips. Trucks, however, are under the ‘heavy vehicle’ label and operators need to have a licence to operate this higher-class vehicle.

Fortunately, rental vehicle providers often offer professional drivers to manoeuvre the truck as well. They not only know how the machinery within the truck works, but they also know the most efficient routes, ensuring prompt delivery.

Taking these in mind, you can rest easy in the knowledge that if your goods are in capable hands and are in a controlled climate, food waste need not be something you worry about too much.

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