Why Now Is the Time to Invest in AgriTech

by CCB Today | Tuesday, Dec 26, 2017 | 179 views

Image of a wide agricultural fieldAgriculture is a legacy industry that lags behind others when it comes to adopting innovation. But as more and more startups develop advanced technologies for farming and raising livestock with analytics and artificial intelligence, the time is ripe to embrace AgriTech.

Discerning agricultural business owners start to look for farmland loans from providers such as farmmortgageloan.com to take advantage of technological advances, such as data-capturing devices and indoor farming systems. While the renewed interest in AgriTech is still young, here are some of its proven benefits thus far:

Boosting Precision with Automation

Modern technology promises precision agriculture. Cutting-edge machines can help automate practically everything, from milking cows to planting seeds, right-sizing water use to combating pests. Even if experienced farmers can do a better job at doing all of these, unmanned aerial vehicles and high-tech robots reduce human error.

Trimming Cost of Maintenance

Research shows that receptive agricultural businesses have enjoyed up to 35% savings after minimizing maintenance costs and losses due to failures. Internet-of-Things devices can help you monitor the health of your crops and farm animals and provide you a wealth of data, which you can turn into actionable insights.

With machine learning, robots can become smarter by the day. The better they get at analyzing patterns and identifying anomalies quickly.

Creating New Jobs

The greatest fear of old-fashioned farmers is getting replaced by agricultural machines. While there’s no denying that robots are going to take over farmlands to some extent, it doesn’t necessarily mean humans would suddenly become useless.

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AgriTech adoption wouldn’t push agricultural workers to the brink of extinction. With proper training, they’d gain the necessary set of skills to man high-tech machines and ensure they function as expected. As you increase your production without increasing the size of your arable land with AgriTech, there would be an increase in labor too.

Harness the power of relevant AgriTech solutions with the right financial products. Explore your options to fund your much-needed retrofits and use modern technology to excellent effect.

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