Why Metal Recycling is Beneficial to Your Business

by CCB Today | Thursday, Jul 19, 2018 | 133 views

Scrap metalIdeally, every project produces some waste material, but almost a fourth of all waste is from construction sites. That places many companies into spending hundreds of dollars for the storage or removal of this waste.

It is, however, unfortunate to note that this waste found on the construction site, like aluminium, pipes, structural steel and other metals, are all recyclable. Many businesses are still overlooking the benefits that this program can offer them; it can help them offset some of the construction expenses.

First, the recycling process is less costly than what many architects think like copper repurposing or recycling. But how much benefit can this program be to your business:

Minimises Project Cost

Construction managers believe that this program will be time-consuming and costly. Contrary, metal recycling can offset several dollars in every building project when you resell the scrap metal to recycling firms.

Environmental Conservation

Metal recycling conserves the natural resources. How? Production of new metal produces gases that cause global warming, which causes climate change and related health problems.

Also, mining of new alloys creates the greenhouse effect, soil erosion and contamination of water, even in the mining sites that use appropriate waste management. Recycling the waste metals helps reduce these environmental problems.

Recycling is Simple & Effective

Construction managers overestimate the complexity of recycling programs claiming that they will demand extra human resource. However, all that every employee will need to is get training to learn to separate the metals from non-metals.

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This is not rocket science, right? Then, throwing recyclable metals is trashing your money. Clearly, creating a recycling program for copper and other metals will mean job opportunities to the people living close to your construction site.

That will help you give back to the community, to improve their livelihood and economic status, which you can use to meet your requirements for corporate social responsibility.

The bottom line is, recycling is a lucrative business; it is less costly than mining, and it is not as complicated as most construction contractors think.

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