What’s the Average Cost of Reverse Cycle ACs in Australia?

by CCB Today | Thursday, Aug 9, 2018 | 218 views

3 air conditioning external units, placed outside of houseMany households in Australia have reverse cycle air-conditioners to control the temperature during the summer and winter seasons, and the cost of buying a unit will depend on many factors.

If you want to buy from Daikin, ducted air conditioning prices in Sydney may be different from those in Melbourne. Ask quotes from at least three authorised dealers to compare the best prices.

Unit Prices

A reverse cycle ducted air conditioning system may cost more than $5,000. The price is quite high because of the required ducting and difficulty of work. Installation could take at least two days, so you should expect to spend a total of at least $6,000 for this.

Split systems are an affordable alternative. It only takes a day for installers to complete the job. The overall price for this system may range between $840 and $2,840, including installation work. If you live in a vintage house, the price for split and ducted units could be more expensive.

Home Retrofit

Some service providers can retrofit a newer model for an old house’s ducted system. You can inquire about the Daikin Premium Inverter Ducted system. While ducted air-conditioners cost more, think about the ease of going from room to room without turning on the system.

A centralised system will be beneficial, especially for residents with certain respiratory complications. It’s also more energy-efficient to install a single system to control consumption for the entire house. Just remember to ask your local council if you need a permit for outdoor units.

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When choosing a service provider to install a reverse cycle air-conditioner, it’s important to ask if they are licensed and registered by the Australian Refrigeration Council. Professionals with full Refrigeration and Air Conditioning licence are a better choice since they are allowed to install any type of air-conditioning system.


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