What You Need to Know About Humor in Public Speaking

by CCB Today | Thursday, Apr 30, 2015 | 304 views

Public SpeakingCynicism lurks around us. Negative things can be seen anywhere, from the Internet to the morning dailies. As such, people tend to be disengaged with what is painful but important. Humor, on the other hand, can keep the people interested with the world around them by telling them about the negative, sometimes even distasteful realities in a playfully palatable manner.

A Humorous Speaker is an Effective Speaker

A funny speaker can craftily engage his audience to the important message he is trying to get across while providing them a heartfelt laughter. Not all humor can be used for all occasions, however. Depending on the circumstances, speakers have the responsibility to tailor-fit their playfulness to avoid causing irreparable damage not only to his audience, but also to his credibility.

How Off-Color Humor Damages the Audience and the Speaker

Applying humor in public speaking entails a careful look at your audience’s interests and demographics, as well as the occasion and the purpose of the speech. Still, some humor are considered off-color in any public speaking circumstances, such as the following:

Racial humor – Throwing a joke around race tells your audience how obsessed you are with labelling individuals through color.

Gender humor – Many individuals feel strongly about gender inequality, and joking about the dominance of one gender to the other, for instance, will definitely make them feel violated.

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Toilet or sexual innuendos – Humor that provide shock value to the audience through using sexual innuendos could be considered impolite, and may thus compromise how the audience would receive the real message you are trying to get across.

Applying humor in public speaking requires experience, wit, and talent. It is different from a comedic act in such a way that playfulness should be applied within the fields of professionalism and politeness. When used properly, humor can be the best tool in making your audience well-informed while keeping them entertained.

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