What Exactly Should a Safety Warning Sign Contain?

by CCB Today | Wednesday, Aug 15, 2018 | 187 views

safety signsIn most industries, it is a requirement that any tool, equipment, or machine on sale should have safety labels. The labels provide information with primary purpose is to warn the user and hence protect them from harm.

The hazards in different workplaces vary in the type and intensity; thus, the one-size-fits-all approach will not work for safety warning signs and labels. A label can contain a caution, warning or danger header. However, regardless of the labels that you choose, insist on the following information:

Hazard Type

The label should be in a simple language and illustrate the particular hazard that exists in the various sections in the workplace. Some of the common risks the safety labels should include are slippery floors, hot surfaces, and high voltage.

Avoiding the Hazard

The label should also offer further and clear instructions on what to do or not do to prevent a hazard. The instructions could read “do not start machine when servicing,” for example, or “keep children away” from the equipment, tool or area.


Safety labels also indicate the results of failing to follow the safety information on the label, which help in further insisting on the need to observe the safety guidelines. Statements indicating such consequences could read as: touching the machine with wet hands can lead to electrical shock.


Safety labels should comply with the ISO 3864 and ANSI Z535 standards. The ISO standard dictates the global design and content of warning labels. On the other hand, ANSI Z535 standards focus on specific design requirements of safety labels in the US.

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Besides complying with the law, safety warning labels are an excellent way to set your products apart from those of your competitors. Therefore, consult a dealer of safety labels for unique and high-quality labels that will best represent your brand while also keeping your customers safe.

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