Web of Connections: Making SEO Clients Refer You to Other Clients

by CCB Today | Tuesday, Sep 8, 2015 | 212 views

seoWhen it comes to the topic of marketing tools, there is probably nothing more powerful than client referrals. Businesses are more likely to show interest in your SEO agency if you have a stamp of approval from someone they trust.

Moreover, this kind of marketing tactic isn’t a direct and in-your-face kind of promotion. Potential clients perceive it as a natural response; someone they know received an excellent service and they want to share that good experience. The question now is, how do you generate referrals?

The Happiness Meter

The first step to getting more clients to refer you to others is to identify who exactly are your satisfied clients. Businesses that love your services are good ambassadors of your brand; they are the ones who will be willing to tell others about you.

Of course, this goes without saying that excellence should be a top priority when providing services. Show your expertise in every way possible. As you build your credibility, it will be easier to ask for referrals later. Consider working with SEO services reseller programs to improve your marketing solutions.

Writing Referral Requests

Once you’ve identified your potential ambassadors, follow up on them and ask if they could recommend you to others. Make it formal by sending a referral request. Start the letter by telling clients that you value them as business partners. Then, offer them the option of referring your business to others. Make sure it’s perfectly clear that this is optional.

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When they approve the request, give them “referral materials”. For instance, include promotional resources, like e-brochures, which they can send to others. Offer information sheets as well; this should outline the types of businesses and clients you want to cater to. Of course, don’t forget the actual referral form, which includes the names and other details of potential clients.

Reaping Rewards

Give incentives for referrals, as a way of thanking clients for helping you grow your network. Offer them a premium package for their next SEO campaign or add a free service, say new copy writing services or social media optimization. You may also provide free training for their team about digital marketing tactics they interest them.

There’s power in the recommendations of your clients. Take advantage of that often untapped influence and sooner or later, you’ll see your network growing further.

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