Types of Windshield Cracks That Will Require Replacement

Man cleaning windshieldWindshields protect you from harsh weather and high-impact crashes. They are however the most frequently damaged car components. There are several legislations in place concerning windshield damage, and you should ensure you comply with the ones in your state.

Chips and small cracks can often be remedied through a repair. There are other damages, however, that will require windshield replacement by experts in Mesa, AZ. Here are some types of damages that usually need replacement.


These are the most common types of windshield damage. Cracks typically result from temperature variations. Edge and floater cracks are the two common types of cracks.

An edge crack starts about two inches from your windshield’s periphery or entirely at its edge. Floater cracks stem from a stone breaking or chipping the glass and begin in the middle of your windscreen.

Combination Breaks

A combination break results in multiple damages from dings, cracks, and chips, which cause crushing of glass around the impact spot. They are the most visible type of windshield damage and often significantly hamper a driver’s road visibility.

Repairing a combination crack is costly and in most cases futile. Windshield replacement is hence the ideal option.


Debris and rocks cause this damage. A bullseye window crack is larger than a ding or chip and resembles a dark circle with a central impact point. A bull’s eye with a diameter greater than an inch or dirt in its impact point calls for windshield replacement.

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Regardless of its size and appearance, however, replacement is a must if the bull’s eye is on the driver’s side since it breaks their visual field.

Apart from the damages above, there are times your mechanic will recommend a replacement for seemingly minor windshield chips. This might be because of their size, depth, and location.

Windshield chips more than three inches wide, those that penetrate the inner layers of your windscreen and those on the driver’s side require windshield replacement. Once you replace or repair your cracked windshield, you will need to take proper care of it. One of the best ways to do so is by using proper tools to clean it.

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