Types of Private Investigators

Private Investigator Inside a CarPrivate investigators take upon almost all types of cases and apply various types of investigating methods to comb through public records, carry out surveillance, and conduct interviews to establish facts.

However, with legal issues and cases consistently becoming more complex, the private investigation field has become highly diversified and specialised, thus resulting in various types of private investigators in Sydney. That said, here are some private investigators to help you with different cases.

Corporate Investigators

This category specialises in obtaining information on businesses and industry in general. For instance, a company that is considering a merger or an acquisition can get investigators to check the financial performance, history, as well as past and current clients of the company under review.

This information helps the businessperson responsible for protecting the interests and investments of a company make an informed decision. These investigators may also be responsible for checking computers and telephone calls in case the company is suspicious of an employee’s fraud or theft.

Legal Investigators

These categories come in handy in helping you prepare for court cases. They gather evidence through surveillance, interviews, and background checks on the partisans of the litigation in question. However, note that investigators in this category must know and understand the guidelines and rules of court procedures and evidence, to make sure that their data has been legally collected and is acceptable by a court of law.

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General Private Investigators

These categories can gather different types of information based on their client’s needs. They can be used for tracing lost/missing family members, gathering evidence for a contentious child custody case, or collecting evidence for a divorce battle. General investigators use traditional methods such as online research, background inquiries, and surveillance to collect information.

The list above forms a part of the long list of various types of investigators. To get the facts and evidence of your particular case, ensure that you get a private investigator who has specialised in your particular case. This way, you will be at peace knowing that they conducted a thorough job and gave you the best evidence possible.

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