Tricks of the Trade: Surveillance Techniques Criminal Investigators Use

by CCB Today | Friday, Nov 11, 2016 | 210 views

Surveillance TricksSurveillance is the discreet act of observing vehicles, places, and people. Law enforcement agencies and private detectives like Advanced Professional Investigations utilize this method to examine accusations of illegal behavior. Unlike scenes from your favorite serialized crime drama, however, real life surveillance can be pretty dull. It will not always have the highs of depicted in a TV investigation.

Television did not make everything up, though. Here are some tricks that criminal investigators do use in real life.

Electronic Monitoring

Electronic monitoring, also referred to as wiretapping, is the surveillance of someone’s telephone, Internet, email, and fax communications. In order to proceed, this activity needs the approval of the court. Investigators need to provide a U.S. Government Affidavit indicating that a crime was, is, or will be committed.

Undercover Operations

Remember when Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill went undercover as high school students in the movie 21 Jump Street? It might seem like a total joke, but an undercover operation is another type of surveillance. Just like the movie, investigators have to dress up, build trust, and develop a believable story for his or her presence in the area.

Fixed Surveillance

Fixed surveillance, or also known as a “stakeout,” involves investigators observing places or people from a safe distance. This can either involve one or two investigators, but most prefer the two-person method. They will change positions to lessen the risk of the suspect spotting them. In contrast, a one-person surveillance method is more straining as the investigator isn’t allowed to take their eyes off the place or person.

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Surveillance is the ideal method of acquiring evidence against a certain person or business, whether it’s a deceitful partner, an abusive babysitter, or a dishonest employee. Take advantage of this method now to get yourself or someone you care about out of a messy situation.

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