Top Reasons to Pursue CPA Title

by CCB Today | Tuesday, Dec 19, 2017 | 187 views

An accountant at workBecoming a certified public accountant (CPA) means passing a special exam after finishing your accounting degree. Accountants who passed the exam add these letters to their names with pride. In Utah, being a CPA comes with more than just bragging rights.

It opens up a world of opportunities other accountants don’t have access to. It also means being the top choice of accountancy firms as well as corporate clients who only want to work with the industry’s best and brightest.

If you’re an accountant and you’re unsure about pursuing a CPA title, here are some reasons to go for it:

1. Assured Career Growth

As a finance professional with additional expertise, you’re sure of a faster climb up the corporate ladder. Various industries, non-profit organizations, corporations and countless businesses all need the services of a CPA to handle their books and audits.

Recruiters prefer to hire CPAs over regular accountants because of their extra training and skills. You’ll never run out of career options and opportunities to move to a company with better compensation and benefits.

2. Better Pay

Not everyone who takes the CPA exam passes. This is why those who do are considered the cream of the crop in the accounting world. Industry data shows that CPAs with at least five years of experience earn $80 to $100,000 a year in accounting firms.

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There are also more bonuses, travel incentives, and vacation packages. A career as a CPA can be considered a lucrative one since the profession requires dealing with high-profile clients.

3. Constant Demand

There is never a shortage of companies needing CPAs. Corporate accountability is one of the primary concerns of companies in safeguarding the interests of shareholders. CPAs assure financial stability as well as the untarnished reputation of corporations.

As the accounting needs of companies and organizations increase, demand for CPAs will continue to grow. The opportunity to create a career from being an accountant is very real, and it’s up to young accountants to continue a legacy of excellence.

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