Tips to Remember Before Hiring a New Employee

by CCB Today | Sunday, Nov 26, 2017 | 125 views

New hire signing a contractHiring a new employee entails hard work. There is more to the job than just ensuring that the potential candidate passes the exam and interview. Here are some of the important steps you have to take before the final handshake:

Do background checks

It is crucial to know who your potential candidate is outside of work. Remember, past infractions can cause problems, which is why a police check for employment is highly recommended for your peace of mind.

Doing background checks is more than just being aware of the person’s criminal history; it is also about knowing how this person deals with other matters outside of work such as credit card debts to suspended licenses. How a potential employee responds to challenges is reflective of his or her capabilities of responding to your company’s own issues.

Review credentials

Passing the exam or interview does not guarantee that a potential candidate is capable of doing the job. Always make sure to do a thorough review of one’s skills and credentials. Knowing that a person is flexible and can multitask can be advantageous to your company. A person with three or more skills may be more beneficial than someone who topped the exam but has only one skill in his or her portfolio. So make sure to consider every detail before sending out a congratulatory email.

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Call references

Reference checks, especially involving the previous employer, is an essential element to assess early on the potential candidate’s performance. This process will help you determine more than just a candidate’s capability; this will also give you an idea of the person’s behaviour or attitude in the workplace, which is important if you are looking forward to a long-term relationship. Call at least two references to verify that who you are dealing with is indeed the right person for the job.

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