The Other Side of Large Marketing Firms: Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better

MarketingTechnology revolutionized the way companies do business. Google and other search engines help companies attract clients toward their products or services by providing suggestions. Even industries like law firms utilize online media to market their services.

There are different types of online strategies available to law firms. Some consultation firms, like, offer advice and services for maximizing the potentials of the company by choosing a good tactic. They also suggest precautions on typical flaws of marketing firms law firms should be wary of, like the following:

Divided Attention

Large marketing firms do have teams and departments to take care of different clients. Keep in mind, though, that you are not the only client they work with. Depending on your contract or arrangement, they may even handle similar companies at the same time as you. There are risks of having similar strategies as your competitor.

Avoid this pitfall by working closely with your provider. Be clear on what results your company wants to achieve.

SEO vs Online Directory

Some firms also have their own online directory for information and providers on a particular service, especially law. Though this can be beneficial, you might be paying for exposure on their directory when the same cost can already land you a good SEO strategy. Online directories also stretch your prospective clients’ attention due to the number of choices presented at the moment. Talk to a consultant if you have doubts on strategies presented by your provider.

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Popularity Does Not Equate to Best Service

An article on Forbes talks about things a business must consider in an SEO provider. A particular section pointed out the competency of firms with high Google Page Rank. Appearing on the first page doesn’t necessarily mean the firm is top-caliber, since Google tends to base page ranks on length and the vastness of the company’s online presence. Small-scale SEO teams can rival any large firm’s performance. It all boils down to the client’s requirements and the experience of the team handling those requirements.

Every business needs online presence for better sales generation. While signing up with large marketing firms can be an important step in reaching this goal, consider other possibilities. As long as the team meets your company requirements, the provider’s name and size doesn’t really matter.

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