Techniques Used for Surface Preparation Before Concrete Repair

by CCB Today | Friday, Oct 26, 2018 | 179 views

Workers leveling concrete pavementConcrete is inarguably the most durable flooring material available nowadays. There are however different elements which the concrete floors are exposed to which contribute to cracks. To minimise extensive damage, prompt repair to even seemingly minimal cracks is essential.

Most people believe all it takes for efficient repair is the right concrete repair product. Among the most critical determinants of successful concrete repair, however, is the surface preparation. The following are the standard techniques used by concrete repair service experts for surface preparation.

Acid Etching

This method is used for removal of laitance and provision of a roughened concrete surface after removal of the concrete’s outer paste. The roughened surface improves the bond strength of the material used for concrete repair.

The acids might, however, corrode the reinforcing steel in your concrete. Acid etching is hence not a technique routinely used for surface preparation.

Mechanical Preparation

This method uses different equipment, including scarifiers, breakers and grinders, for surface preparation. Although expensive, mechanical preparation has minimal impact on the concrete surface being repaired and results in an optimal surface for laying of repair products. It is hence the commonly used technique for concrete surface preparation.

Abrasive Preparation

This method involves the removal of the thin layer of the concrete surface before repair. High-pressure water blasters, sandblasters and shot blasters are some of the equipment initially used before vacuuming and air blasting.

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Abrasive preparation results in varying degrees of roughness for the concrete surface. The ideal texture achieved primarily depends on the repair product to use.

Most people assume they can successfully repair concrete crack with an excellent instructional and a quality repair product. Without the above surface preparation techniques, however, the repair will be generally inefficient.

A concrete repair expert will first assess your cracks and recommend the ideal product and its preparation technique. Professional repair is hence the only successful option for concrete repair.

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