Social Media Platforms B2B Marketers Can Utilise

by CCB Today | Monday, Apr 3, 2017 | 155 views

Social Media Network ConceptB2B marketers spend hours reaching out to other businesses through e-mail, phone, and social media. The expansion of online marketing, however, has made it difficult to reach specific audiences more effectively. If you’re a B2B marketer, here are three social media platforms for you:


LinkedIn remains as the top choice of B2B marketers around the world. With more than 260 million users in 200 countries (and in 20 languages), the social media platform allows businesses to make contacts and build professional relationships online.

Apart from the network itself, LinkedIn Pulse or the network’s news feed, aids businesses in building their brands and establishing thought leadership by providing a channel for publishing business-related content. B2B marketers can also broaden their reach by joining LinkedIn groups meant for businesses.


How can a microblogging platform — that only allows 140 characters — help businesses? That’s simple: It allows B2B marketers to get their word out in the most direct and concise way possible.

Simplicity aside, Twitter has become a giant platform for conversations between businesses, marketers, and customers. There is no filter or group that separates one from the other. B2B marketers can tweet, like, and direct message thought leaders who they think could benefit their businesses. Twitter is also a great way to search and filter trends through the help of subsets and hashtags.

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Apologies if we burst your bubble, but Facebook, the world’s most successful social network, isn’t part of this list. For B2B marketers, SlideShare is a better choice than Zuckerburg’s venture. Acquired by LinkedIn in 2012, Sphere and other media buying agencies say that companies who wish to connect to diverse target markets prefer this platform due to its usability for professionals.

Its slide hosting services allow companies to establish their expertise while demonstrating their personality and knowledge. Businesses can offer tips, tricks, and reports by simply uploading presentations or infographics and by using tags to target an audience.

Reaching out to co-businesses is difficult, especially when you don’t know which industry to target exactly. Broaden your audience and establish your company by doing B2B marketing properly.

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