Selling Your House? Do These 5 Things First

by CCB Today | Thursday, Mar 8, 2018 | 157 views

House soldSo, you and your family are planning to relocate, and you’re now selling your previous home. As suggested, you looked for the best advisers to help you start the process.

You’ve completed all the paperwork, done all the legwork and now it’s your property’s turn to be prepared for its next owner. Here are five of the most basic things to do to prepare your home for a successful sale.

1. Declutter

Clear out your shed or stock rooms. Get rid of piled up junk you saved but never used. Let your buyers picture themselves in your house by taking down items that are too personal, such as family pictures, or your son’s medals in his room.

2. Tone down

If you loved that bright orange kitchen wall or that wild jungle-themed wallpaper in the kids’ room, potential buyers might not. Repaint things to a neutral colour so the next homeowner can start with a clean slate.

3. Create space and light

Instead of tearing down walls and going through a whole renovation project to create space, try painting dark walls and ceilings with a lighter colour. Remove thick and dark drapes and replace them with a lighter material to make an illusion of a bigger space.

4. Stage elegance

Set your dining table with your best dishes and table runners. Use fresh linens in the bedrooms and new towels in the baths. Organise your kitchen into a picture-perfect space fit for a Michelin star chef.

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5. Check odours

All pet owners become immune to their smell over a certain period. Your prospects will notice them in a second. Be sure to deodorise your whole house and ask a third person if they still smell anything funky. (Baking soda does wonders!)

Though these tips might seem simple, they contribute a lot to the first impression you’ll make on your potential buyers. Preparing your home for its next owner is a way of giving back to it for being your humble abode for so many years.

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