Securing Your Home the Right Way

by CCB Today | Monday, Oct 9, 2017 | 611 views

A CCTV CameraWe should never downplay the importance of securing our homes. The security measures we implement may be all that's necessary to deter criminals or catch thieves in the act. Devices such as alarm systems and CCTVs are vital in curbing crime and making things easy for the police to do their work, but that's not all you can do. The experts at Green Electronic Solutions list some other ways you can make your home secure.

Know your home’s weak spots

Surveying your home for possible entry points or hideouts makes it easy to identify which parts need securing.

Light it up

When the area around your house has good lighting, it gives the impression that people are home. It also allows you and your neighbors to spot any intruders easily. Good lighting is an excellent deterrent for potential thieves.

Fence your area

A fence can protect your property just as well. Build them with sharp or pointed tops to make climbing over them difficult.

Hide your valuables

Apart from securing your car in your garage, don't just leave other items out in your yard. Whether it's a bicycle or a griller, don't showcase anything that will pique the burglar's interest. Keep your blinds closed as well to prevent intruders from looking for tempting items inside.

Know your neighbors

Your neighbors can help keep a lookout when you're away, so befriend them and enlist their eyes for those times when you're on holiday.

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Don't hide your key

Many make it a habit of leaving a spare key for easy access, such as in the mailbox, under the mat, or in a pot, but thieves are all too familiar with these techniques. Someone could also be on the lookout for your hiding spot, so it's best not to risk it. Instead, leave your key with someone accessible that you can trust.

Add an alarm system and even a CCTV system to discourage potential thieves further, but make sure to follow these tips and improve your Dallas home's security.

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