Rolling Up the Banner: Advantages of Roll-Up Displays

by CCB Today | Sunday, Apr 19, 2015 | 258 views

roll-up bannersWe all want to be noticed. This affirms our value as individuals. We do this by the way we dress, act, and speak. However, when you want people to notice your business, it affects your livelihood. You need to put it front and center.

That is not so easy when you are travelling. It can be hard to set up promotional materials when you are at trade exhibits or conferences, or even fairs. Here are some benefits of investing in roll up displays.


The most important benefit of roll up displays is portability. It is very noticeable and attractive when it is unpacked and set up. You can place freestanding ones strategically so the right people, your target market, can see it without any trouble.

There is no need for poles or lanyards. When it is packed up, most of them come in carrying cases with shoulder straps, so it makes a neat package that makes very little space. It is easy to carry and store.

Makes a Good Impression

Roll up displays look cool and professional. A good-quality display conveys a good first impression on everyone who sees it. In addition, since you can put it anywhere, people can easily find you, so you can really promote your business in a good way.


Roll up displays are not the cheapest type of marketing display, but it is not the most expensive either. They are lightweight and durable. Because of their portability, they last much longer than cheaper alternatives, so they are more cost-effective in the end.

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Environmentally Friendly

Most roll up displays are reusable. If you need to make any changes in your content, you can use the same banner stand and simply change the printed banner with a new one.

Most companies supplying roll up displays will accommodate your unique needs. They come in all sizes, and your stand is adjustable to accommodate different surfaces.

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