Physical Store Therapy: Changes Worth Making

by CCB Today | Wednesday, May 18, 2016 | 242 views

Storefront in Shopping MallIt’s easy to forget about making your store more palatable for customers when business is doing fine. Times change, however, and so do people. While many will argue that loyal customers feel safe and at home with what’s familiar, change is also good if you are well-informed. The only way to be well-informed, of course, is if you do your research.

A few hours spent browsing the web will net different ways to apply changes to your store that your customers will appreciate. Some of them you’ll find below.

Adjustments to your shop floor

Shops also age, so adjustments to your shop floor are good. The trick is to use some restraint. If you’re worried that your loyal customers won’t be comfortable with a change in color, for example, use the same shade if you plan to repaint. A refreshed look is what you’re shooting for, so it looks new while staying familiar.

You can also make changes with how your racks or shelves are arranged, with the primary goal of making your shop feel more welcoming. Wider aisles, lower and more reachable racks, a more open floor plan: these are always welcome changes because they make people feel comfortable.

Launching new products or sales

Instead of just putting a sale sign on products you’re trying to push, give them a separate area near the cash registers. Do this for new products that you’re launching as well. You can also use trade show booth displays if you’re really going for a big time launch. Such displays are colorful, bright, and attractive, so people are likely to take notice and linger.

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Invest in new cash registers

Your old cash registers may be the epitome of old-world familiarity, but their modern counterparts are infinitely better, especially if you never used POS before. They are also faster, and speed at the counter is something every shopper appreciates.

Change is neither always good nor bad, but some changes are undeniably necessary. Find out which apply to your retail store. Your customers might even thank you for it.

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