Location: Why It’s the Most Important Home Buying Factor

by CCB Today | Tuesday, Feb 13, 2018 | 171 views

A new houseAs you go about shopping around for a home, the first piece of advice you’ll hear from real estate experts is to base your decision on “Location, location, location.” It still applies to modern real estate transactions, and even more important today than a century ago for the following reasons.

Your environment matters

Your location’s environment could influence how you raise your children and your lifestyle. Once you’ve bought a house, you can’t just transport it to another location if the area becomes less safe. Choose a neighborhood or area that is conducive to your family and lifestyle.

It determines accessibility

Many reviews of Cavite’s Lancaster New City properties cites that one of the greatest attractions of the housing development is its accessibility to amenities and other facilities. Many people also cite affordability of many properties, but accessibility to major facilities– from essential services to educational institutions – is almost always the deciding factor for buyers.

It affects the overall value of your house

Location affects not only your home’s curb value but could also increase its price in the future. Your home may have the most modern conveniences and architectural design, but if your location is in an area that does not demand a high value, your real estate investment may not be as profitable as you want it to be.

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It determines what kind of house you could build

Your location also determines what kind of home you could build. If the property is in the suburbs or a gated community, your home design might be limited to the structure required by the housing development.

You should also check your home’s topography and layout of the land to make sure that your home will suit the local scenery.

Choose a location that suits your circumstance and your family’s needs. Even if you have to sell your property at one point, you can be sure to sure to get a good return on investment.

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