Important Plant Hire Considerations for the Cost-Effective Contractor

by CCB Today | Saturday, Mar 14, 2015 | 324 views

tractorThe rising costs of operating and maintaining a business have made it rather common for many builders, contractors and construction companies to rent equipment as opposed to purchasing them. After all, there is a myriad of equipment rental providers who carry a comprehensive range of construction tools and vehicles to suit any major construction job.

In addition, equipment rental can swiftly eliminate the additional hassle of maintenance, repair, insurance, transportation and other issues that ownership brings. But, renting equipment is not simply a matter of picking the first option that you stumble upon.

Here are some factors to consider before deciding on plant hire transactions:

•Does the equipment provider honor reservations (whether done personally or online)?
•Does the provider require a security deposit? This is calculated based on the value of the equipment you’ll be renting out, as well as the duration of time you’ll be using them.
•Does the provider require fuel surcharges, environmental fees, and other additional costs upon equipment rental? Additionally, does the provider demand a rental insurance fee for theft, damages and other such losses?
•Does the provider offer training courses for safety procedures, proper equipment handling, web-based learning courses, or other lessons for effective equipment use?
•Does the provider’s contract require maintenance and repair responsibilities on your end? This is common in long-term rental transactions.
•Are the rules and conditions of the equipment provider easy to understand? Remember that location-specific laws may affect the terms of your deal. For example, look up Brisbane laws on equipment hire and handling before signing a contract. Note: Sharing equipment with your friends or acquaintances is highly discouraged.
•Does the equipment provider offer customer support, in the event that you encounter any problems or difficulties in operating the equipment?

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Always keep in mind that at the very core of this transaction is your ability to actually pay for the rented equipment. Choose the right equipment rental company to make sure you can complete your project at maximum efficiency and minimal cost.

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