Identifying Hardwood Flooring Problems

by CCB Today | Monday, Dec 4, 2017 | 133 views

Portrait Of A Young Maid In Uniform Cleaning Hardwood FloorWhen it comes to flooring materials, nothing beats the beauty and charm of hardwood. It promotes better indoor air quality, as it minimizes dust and allergens. Many homeowners who have installed hardwood floors are also benefiting from low maintenance, as they are easy to keep clean. A simple sweeping or dry mopping is often enough to remove dust and dirt.

Despite the numerous benefits of hardwood, it can also experience problems over time. Apart from long-term wear and tear, humidity can also alter and affect the appeal of your flooring. Pioneer Hardwood Flooring INC and other hardwood floor repair experts in Provo share the common problems of the said material.

Dents and Scratches

This commonly occurs over time, especially when the protective finish of the wood wears off. It is more noticeable in areas that receive the most foot traffic or activity. You can prevent further dents and scratches by using protective pads on furniture legs and wearing comfortable indoor slippers. Be sure to avoid wearing shoes inside the house.


Exposure to UV rays can fade the original color of the wood. The good news is you can prevent fading by closing curtains and blocking sunlight. You can also call a professional contractor for refinishing the floors and improving their appearance.

Buckling or Crowning

This can happen when space is not considered for the expansion of hardwood planks. Humidity may cause the wood to expand and this should have been taken into account during installation. Without enough space, the wood planks may swell up and form raised areas. This can compromise the look of the floor and contribute to more damage.

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Wood and water don’t mix. Contact or exposure to water and other forms liquid can cause warping and swelling. You can prevent this from happening by installing rugs near doors and the below sink. You should also avoid using water, vinegar, and soapy cleaners when cleaning the floors.

You can retain the beauty of hardwood floors and prevent further damage by periodic re-coating or applying an extra finish layer. If you’re not happy with the way your flooring look, it is time to hire a reliable flooring contractor.

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