How to Advance Your Career Even if Unemployed

by CCB Today | Monday, May 15, 2017 | 166 views

Neatly-Dressed Man Playing a Rubik's CubeIn some cases, despite being qualified, college graduates and other such individuals might not land a good job. While some of them might lack soft skills, most of them are unemployed because they have not found the right job. But the truth is that you don’t need a job to advance further in your career.

You should constantly be on the lookout for a suitable employment and register with a good general or finance recruitment agency, depending on your area of interest. But in the meanwhile, you can progress in your career and move forward. This will help you eventually land a job which suits your skill and interest.

Learn and Network

You can keep learning about your subject and take a course if necessary. Learning about the latest advances happening in the industry will also help. Network with friends, peers, and others in authority. Do your research on the various leading companies in your field and their employees. You can also find out what these professionals do to stay ahead. Keep your finger on the pulse, to know the emerging trends and issues in your industry.

Volunteer and Get a Mentor

You can volunteer with the association of your industry or on the board of any organisation, which champions a cause you ardently love. This will keep you emotionally fulfilled and keep you going. Apart from volunteering, you can also write blogs and articles on your favourite subject. Attend all industry events with a primary aim of meeting at least three people. This will help you broaden your network. If you network with seniors in the industry, see if you can get a mentor to guide you.

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Finally, polish your CV and online profiles regularly, so that your contacts are updated about the progress you have made. You can also use this time to understand your abilities, interest, and knowledge. This will help you understand what skills you still need to improve on, to get that dream job.

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