How Do You Improve Your Critical Thinking Skills?

by CCB Today | Tuesday, Apr 18, 2017 | 194 views

Young Woman with Multiple Question Marks on Her HeadIn today’s world of fake news and narratives, one of the skills a student needs is critical thinking. This allows them to identify false information and learn how to verify supposed facts before believing them. In your case, it is better to start early because it helps you get a good score in college entrance exams and build a strong foundation for real life situations.

The American Academy and online class instructors for high school students noted the following ways on how you can improve critical thinking:

Ask the Simple Questions

There are times when explanations and solutions become complex that a simple question becomes lost in the clutter. To avoid confusion and losing what truly matters, return to the basic queries when you set out to find a solution. Sometimes even the most complicated matters only need a simple answer and explanation to resolve them.

Learn to Reverse Things

When you encounter a difficult problem you can’t seem to solve, one of the solutions is to reverse it. A good example of this concept is the clichéd chicken and egg problem. What if X causes Y or Y caused X? This allows you to lay the mental process for critical thinking, enabling you to question assumptions and carefully sift through evidence before answering or moving to the next step.

Question Assumptions

Once you make assumptions, you start closing out other ideas. In some cases, you make yourself and other people look bad. Questioning the status quo leads to innovation, and you begin to look for alternative ways and answers to a problem. Question the basic assumption because it allows you to evaluate all situations critically.

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Evidence Matters

Before making a conclusion, evaluate the evidence you have and others related to it. Study other works in the same field to determine if the results were the same. If they are, you can make a conclusive assumption and present a solution.

Critical thinking is a skill that you take with you beyond the classroom and the diplomas or certificates you get. This allows you to think clearly and gather enough evidence before making an assumption and solution.

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