Here’s How Poor Grammar Kills Your Career and Business

by CCB Today | Tuesday, Dec 19, 2017 | 99 views

Employees communicating in a workplaceGrammar – do potential employers and businesses still pay attention to it? Should it matter more than experience and education? It may seem as if grammar does not have a lot of weight anymore. After all, what matters most is the message. However, that’s further than the truth.

An Australian printing services company illustrates how skipping proofreading can damage your career and business.

The Downsides of Bad Grammar

In an informal study conducted by Grammarly among 100 native English speakers on LinkedIn, the team found that good grammar could mean better employment opportunities.

People who received at least six promotions committed no more than 46 percent less grammatical mistakes than the ones who experienced a promotion at least once. Further, those who became a director within a decade had significantly fewer errors in their LinkedIn profiles.

Not knowing the difference between its and it’s can be just as damaging to the business. In a 2013 Global Lingo study, more than 58 percent of UK shoppers would avoid websites that have a lot of grammar errors on their pages.

Good grammar matters because you do not want the right ideas to get lost in translation. It also helps display valuable career and business traits including critical thinking, commitment, and ability to go the extra mile.

DIY versus Proofreading Services

The question is, who should check your grammar? Even a grammar champion should always consider hiring a professional proofreading service. If you are a B2B company using offline marketing materials, working with a printing firm that does pre-press ensures all your copies are error-free.

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Moreover, it helps significantly when you have extra eyes paying attention to your work.

The harsh truth is this: people judge you in many ways, and that includes how you fare with the subject-verb agreement. While you cannot guarantee you will never make a mistake, you can prevent it – and enjoy better business and career – with a few minutes of proofreading.

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