Getting a Mortgage: Should You Use a Broker or a Lender?

by CCB Today | Sunday, Aug 30, 2015 | 225 views

MortgagePeople wanting to apply for mortgage a couple of years ago needed to go to their bank or lending company. It’s a process that worked for years, but times change. Now, home buyers experience the benefits of working with a mortgage broker.


Some brokers own a mortgage company when they gain more experience in the field. With this, they offer a wealth of industry wisdom and experience. They commit to you for the long haul since they own the lending business. Besides, they have connections with other industry experts, giving you more opportunities to get better rates for your loan.

More Options

The main advantage of working with a mortgage broker is you have options. Altius Mortgage explains that brokers help you look at different rates and promotions from several companies. When you choose to work with a lending company for a home loan, your broker may still help with the processing, follow ups, and management.

Specialized Services

When shopping around for more specialized loans, count on a mortgage broker to help. Mortgage company employees usually don’t have the required experience and training in a specific area since they only offer general mortgage deals.

Getting updates on your application can be a frustrating and time consuming effort since you have to go through many channels when you work with a mortgage company. On the other hand, a broker will keep you updated on your loan application and will be available to answer your inquiries.

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With all these in mind, if you’re not a first-time borrower, your experience and circumstances also help you choose. Look around first, check references, and get quotes before applying.

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