Five Highly Helpful Ideas when Laundering School Uniforms

by CCB Today | Thursday, Feb 25, 2016 | 275 views

School UniformSchool uniforms need special care so your children always look their best in school. Most of them require special washing to preserve the colour and protect the fabric. In some cases, you will have to deal with nasty stains and stubborn dirt.

What are the best ways to launder school uniforms? Check out the following tips and tricks.

Use cold water

Cold water is perfect when washing bright coloured school shorts, jumpers and skirts that are not heavily soiled. This applies to both washing in a tub and using your washing machine. Cooler temperature helps prevent fabric from looking worn. Cold water that is 30 degrees Celsius or lower helps lessen the amount of colour that bleeds from the fabric when you wash.

Follow washing instructions

Most uniforms have labels that specify washing and drying instructions. Follow the instructions to avoid wrong laundering methods. This is highly important to preserve the colours and for the fabric to last longer.

Turn pieces inside out

Another way to keep coloured uniforms bright and vibrant is to turn them inside out before washing. This will help slow down the fading and protect patches and embroideries. The fibres on the outside part of the fabric are more important to keep uniforms looking good, so it pays to protect them from potential wear and tear during laundry time. Try to hand wash if you have plenty of time.

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Use the right detergent

Some laundry detergents contain bleach for removing stains. Such ingredient, however, can take a toll on the clothing’s colour. Use colour-safe bleach when dealing with stains. For rather cleaner yet dark-coloured garments, go for bleach-free detergents.

Tumble dry on low heat

Over-drying and shrinkage are common problems when drying washed school uniforms. The best way to prevent this is to tumble dry the garments on low heat. It also helps to remove them from the dryer while slightly wet. This should help avoid wrinkles and make ironing more convenient.

Follow these simple tips in mind to keep your children’s school uniforms looking great and neat. Another piece of advice from, buy uniforms from suppliers that use high-quality fabric, so the school attire can be with your children all throughout their schooling journey.

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