Are You Having a Tent Wedding?

by CCB Today | Monday, Apr 2, 2018 | 128 views

Tent weddingOutdoor or tent weddings give you endless possibilities while allowing your creativity to shine through. The challenge, however, is making sure that your big day goes on smoothly and comfortably for you and your guests. There are a number of things to think of like rain, temperature, and leveling issues (land) to pull off a memorable tented event.

Wedding rental companies in St Paul, MN share some of the things to keep in mind when having tents for your big day:

Do your homework

Tents are available in different shapes, sizes, and material, so it’s best to do some research. You can also work with a local rental to determine what suits your vision and preference. You also have to make sure that the tent is suitable on the surface of your venue.

Make everyone comfortable

If you’re having a summer wedding, it’s best to have portable air conditioning units or fans. If you’re having it in winter months, you can benefit from propane heaters. Wall panels may be necessary to have protection against rain or wind.

Correct uneven ground

Apart from making sure that the tents properly fit your chosen location, you also have to consider leveling issues. If the venue has an uneven ground, you may need to install a full floor with leveling. This doesn’t just provide level footing, but as well weather protection and superior comfort.

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Have a backup plan

Strong winds and heavy rains can pose problems even with sturdy tents. This is why it is best to have a backup plan or reception space like a restaurant. This is especially true if your location is known for having varying weather conditions.

Add some extra touches

As tents are usually plain, you may want to bring in some extra touches to have complete look. You may add fun chandeliers, colorful curtains, embroidered cushions, and other design options. Decide on what you need and include them in your budget.

These are some of the things you have to consider when having a tented reception. It is best to work with your wedding coordinator or planner to ensure that everything is well taken care of.

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