A Practical Guide to Road Safety

by CCB Today | Wednesday, Nov 8, 2017 | 176 views

Road sign highlighting the importance of safety (isolated on white with clipping pathWhen doing construction work on the road or even just near one, it is critical to keep safety at the forefront of your considerations. It is not only a matter of avoiding liabilities; it is also about being both considerate and responsible.

There are many ways to achieve this – and they are certainly worth the investment. From road safety equipment to announcements, here are the things that you can do to ensure a safe construction area.

Announce it properly

One of the essential steps to do is to generate awareness of the work you need to do, where the work will take place, when it happens and for how long. There are many options for this – from Facebook to the radio or even local advertising.

All of this will ensure that people know to avoid the area or at least be careful when passing through. Even something as simple as this will ensure that people can at least be cautious.

Use safety equipment

The final components to consider are road safety and security equipment. These are the cones, heavy barriers, lights, and even traffic calming humps. Strategically installed, these complement your other signs and help to redirect and control the flow of traffic around your worksite.

This final measure ensures that you have a finer, tighter hold on the safety situation.

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Put up proper signage

Apart from announcements, it is also a great idea to set up signs near or around the area. Do not just put up warnings or cautions – although those are critical. Also, include directional guidance, so people know where to go to keep safe.

The best options here include LED signs that can be visible even at night. If the budget does not allow, then make sure you get one that is reflectorized to improve visibility.

Construction area safety is all about being responsible and is a worthwhile investment. Make sure you get the best, most durable equipment.

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