3 Things Your Locksmith Wants You to Know Right Now

by CCB Today | Wednesday, Sep 20, 2017 | 329 views

Closeup of a door knob being checkedIn a 2017 report, the numbers showed that there’s a burglary reported every seven minutes due to increased crime rates. If you want to increase safety and security against break-ins, do consider updating or even changing your home locks and working with a reliable locksmith.

Here are three things that your locksmith wants you to know. Sail City Locksmiths and other experts recommend keeping these in mind if you’re looking for a new locksmith in Auckland.

A properly installed deadbolt is one of the best locks you can get

There are many types of locks out there in the market today, some fancy and some simple. But the fancier and more advanced they are don’t guarantee that they won’t fail. In fact, there are many times electric locks fail homeowners. Many locksmiths would tell you that one of the best locks you can get your home is a properly installed deadbolt.

If you buy a new home, make sure you change all the locks

Here’s a simple rule: If you move it to a new home, change all the locks. Why? You’ll never know who else has a spare key somewhere on your new property — your real estate agent, the previous owner, their old helpers, estranged partners, or their contractors. It’s as simple as re-keying all the locks in the house even before you move in. Remember, safety first.

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There’s no such thing as a ‘do not duplicate’ key

Those keys that say ‘do not duplicate’ can be copied at many self-service kiosks you can find. If the price is right, everything is for sale. If you want to invest in a good lock, go for the programmable lock types that do not come with keys. Likewise, you can always invest in a top-quality lock with keys that cannot be duplicated.

When you’re working with locksmiths, be aware of the common scams that flock this industry. Ask for friends and family for reputable locksmiths in your area to ensure that safety of both your home and family.

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